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A Passion to Create

Alexeus has six (6) years of experience in the architecture field. She is a logical thinker and is very practical in her design work. This is a trait that is necessary for any business and helps businesses reduce unnecessary risk. This trait balanced with her creativity helps Alexeus find the best and most practical solution to any design problem. Additionally, Alexeus is fluent in Revit and AutoCAD. At AECOM, she was the BIMUsergroup leader, a group that pushed for BIM use in the office and helped troubleshoot issues.


She is passionate about sustainable design. From her youth, she has found the need to protect the environment. Alexeus plans to utilize her skills in architecture to help further this cause. She was placed as a runner up in the Performing Arts Center Competition held by the city of North Beach, Maryland. This competition called for the design of a civic building that incorporated sustainability practices and planned for the future sea-level rise.


Alexeus' work as a Drafter at FEN Enterprises has helped her develop her architectural skills. Alexeus hand-drafted construction documents for the renovation of residential units in Maryland and Washington DC. As the only drafter in the company, she learned how to be a self-starter and how to work independently and efficiently. Here she developed a passion for the preservation of older buildings.


Alexeus worked at DBI Architects where she managed graphic standards, created presentations, developed videos and other graphic items for the firm's social media outlets, managed the firm's internal blog, and assisted on architectural projects. Additionally, she managed several Indesign files for her for a study. This required coordination between three (3) other co-workers and a higher understanding of visual appeal and teamwork. She was also in charge of creating all visual items for the project such as maps and graphs. Coordination of graphic standards among all documents was essential for professionalism in the final document.

During her work at AECOM, Alexeus assisted with several phases of project development, including programming, space planning, design development, construction drawings, and construction administration. She worked on many project types including commercial, civil, transportation, government, aerospace, as well as several design studies.


Alexeus enjoys volunteering in her spare time. She volunteered for Architecture in the schools, where she created lesson plans that helped students understand what architecture was. At the end of the year, students would design a project that would be presented amongst the other participating schools. Alexeus also worked with the Neighborhood Design Center, both in Baltimore and in Prince George's County. She helped redesign Schroder Street Park in Baltimore. The project is currently being implemented. Additionally, Alexeus assisted the Riverdale Park Farmer's Market in Riverdale Park, MD to convert a raw unoccupied rental space into a warm pop-up space for their Winter Market. This design has been implemented and the space is currently being used.


Alexeus is always looking for great opportunities for employment in the architectural field as an Architectural Designer II or III.

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