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Collabrative Labratory

Washington, DC

Building as a Community

The CoLAB building is a new concept building where multiple people within a neighborhood can come together to fabricate a specific object.


During my design process, I experimented with an image of a processor and created space by the method of folding. I then implemented this method in order to create space in a building context. Materials appear to fold and create different spaces within the building.

The CoLAB is designated as a digital fabrication laboratory. The building contains two robotic arms and a 3D printer. Collaboration computer rooms are

provided within the CoLAB. Membership is required to enter the Laboratory portion of the CoLAB in order to provide revenue.


In addition to the CoLAB, the building contains an educational center. Locals can take classes on digital modeling. These classrooms can then open up to create an auditorium when opening displays in the gallery. There is also a viewing region in the educational center, opening up the possibility of school field trips to the building.


Office walls as well as the walls dividing the classrooms and conference rooms are retractable in order to allow collaboration and flexibility of the space.

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