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The goal of this project was to study the effects of light on translucent, transparent, and opaque surfaces. The materials I experimented with were trace paper, wooden rods and panels, aluminum foil, and clear plastic.


I studied how the orientation of materials affected how the light projected onto the surface. I did so by orienting long skinny wooden pieces in different directions and orientations and by allowing trace paper to protrude into the LightBox at certain points.


By doing so, surfaces of the trace paper received ample amounts of light with severe contrast adjacent

Exploration of Transparent, Translucent, and Opaque Materials


Material Exploration

to these pieces. The light bounced through the length of the box and to my surprise reached to the end although there was not a straight path for the light to follow. The wooden rods were perceived to obtain a much softer light in comparison to the wooden panels.

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