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"I have worked as a Senior Architect and designer with Alexeus Nicol for over two years. During that period, we have collaborated (primarily) on two feasibility study projects for the General Services Administration and for the National Parks Service. Both of these studies were very successful, in no small part to Alexeus' coordination, organization, design, and graphic skills. As well as assemble the graphic product, Alexeus was able to understand the goals, coordinate the engineering team, push them as necessary and, (no small feat) make sense of the combined narrative. 

During our work together, I have found Alexeus to be reliable, capable, and willing to learn. What Alexeus does not understand, she is prepared to ask, listen, and assimilate, taking full responsibility and ownership of her work. 

I highly recommend Alexeus for both her skills and attitude and believe she will be a great asset to any organization."

Colin McCracken, RA, NCARB

Project Architect - AECOM

"It is my pleasure to recommend Alexeus Nicol. Her performance working as an Intern for DBI Architects, Inc. has proven that she will be a valuable addition to any company.


I have known Alexeus for almost a year. In her capacity as an Intern, she has assisted many of our staff in both our locations. I have personally had the pleasure of her working with me on our Facilities Master Plan for Prince William County. She assisted in both research and did most of the graphics for the project. She was a valuable asset to our team.


Alexeus is very willing to take on any task, no matter how large. Whether working individually or as part of a team, she will "go the extra mile" to put out an exceptional product, whether it is related to marketing, proposals, social media, and projects.


If her performance in our company is a good indication of how she would perform in yours, she will be an extremely positive asset to your program."


Craig Snider, AIA

Vice President - DBI Architects, Inc.

"Alexeus was an outstanding student of mine with wonderful conceptual skills, a dedication to the architectural design process, and a strong desire to learn. Her architectural design work is based on a keen desire to create buildings that influence and help their surrounding communities; socially and aesthetically. She fully appreciates historic and contemporary precedents and understands their importance in her designs. She likes to take the time necessary to fully understand the constraints and opportunities of a site. She is very thorough in her understanding of the three-dimensional qualities of great space and a person’s experience within it.


Following her final studio project last year, it was obvious that she is completely competent in presenting original and high-quality designs. Her design work is thorough and easy to understand and her high level of computer software knowledge allows her to present designs in the clearest light. Her confidence and understanding of architectural theory and concepts allow her to present projects in a clear concise way to her peers, professors, and future clients. Alexeus will be a strong contributing designer wherever she goes."


Paul R. Mortensen, RA, LEED-AP

Lecturer, Adjunct Professor - University of Maryland

"Alexeus Nicol was a great addition to my construction company team during her time with us from June through August 2012. She carefully prepared well-detailed plans that I would present to our clients as part of our contract and building permit applications.


Alexeus was very thorough and worked with the clients. She took care of every little detail, many times beyond realms of responsibility. I was very pleased with her designs and the finished product, but more importantly, I was impressed with her true professional and personal manner during all aspects of the client-building relationship. Alexeus was always available and worked very hard.


I would consider her a hands-on professional. I highly recommend Alexeus."


Frank E. Nicol

President - FEN Enterprises Inc.

"I got to know Alexeus Nicol as a fellow undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, beginning in the spring of 2010. We were both architecture majors, and because it was a relatively small program, we shared many classes and collaborated on several projects. In that time, I have always found Alexeus to be a hard worker and quick to grasp ideas, whether they be structural concepts or the design goals of a studio project. 


She also works well independently. Indeed, for our last project in Senior Studio, she worked determinedly on her project, developing it from a clear initial idea to one of the strongest projects presented at the final review. That kind of consistent hard work is one of the main reasons that I am happy to recommend Alexeus in any of her endeavors in architecture."


Alex Comas

Intern - Maurice Walters Architect


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