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Schroeder Street Park 


Baltimore, MD

Reactivating an Under-utilized Park

In the Schroder Street Park Project, the client asked for a space where the community could come together. The client asked for a performance place where street music could be performed and movie nights could take place. They requested assistance from the Neighborhood Design Center.


In the design of the site, I utilized the pre-existing recessed circular bench and created a stage where a retention wall existed. The site was in need of a pathway that cut across the grass. It also needed to be permeable as the new Rain Tax would be applied to this space. The solution was a railroad tie and gravel pathway that hints at the history of the

the Neighborhood Design Center

neighborhood and the adjacent B&O Railroad Museum. Lighting and vegetation were placed strategically around the site to provide illuminance and sound absorption. In addition, handicap accessibility was considered with the addition of a ramp to the site.


The client was very excited about the design and construction has begun on the site.

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